National Association for
Retail Marketing Services

MAAS is the only World Alliance member in the caribbean since 1997.
World Allianceis actively involved in providing our members with quality education, research, networking, and member programs. World Alliance is an association of people helping people.

World Alliance membership is currently 394 companies and includes merchandising service organizations; event marketing, mystery shopping and demonstration companies; professional installation companies; independent food brokers, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers and associates such as MAAS inc.
World Alliance members gather each year at two conferences. The spring conference and annual meeting is held in April and the IFBA Top-to-Top Conference convenes in May.
World Alliance member companies perform nearly $3 billion in merchandising services, sales marketing, event marketing, demonstration and other retail services annually. The association promotes and establishes industry standards and provides critical industry research and educational information about the industry with member companies servicing such classes of trade as: grocery, drug, mass, department, home & building centers, computer and office supply, electronic, value retailers, specialty and convenience retailers.

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