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NARMS members will always deal fairly with their customers and not knowingly engage in illegal conduct,
inconsistent and dishonest


NARMS members will not make a false statement or fail to disclose a material fact in connection  with their
membership in this association


NARMS members will treat all business parties as they themselves would expect to be treated


NARMS members will strive for increased knowledge of materials and procedures of merchandising  and
marketing services


NARMS members will treat all employees  and independents with trust, dignity and respect




NARMS members will not knowingly reveal information gained as a result of working with customers and/or 
alliances that would be inappropriate or be detrimental to the customer and/or alliance.


Conflict of Interest


NARMS members will provide full disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest with al customers and/or affiliates




NARMS members will not use any deceptive or unfair tactics in competition with another member for
obtaining customers.


NARMS members will abide by the Antitrust Statement.


Performance of Contracts/Agreements


NARMS members will not knowingly commit to any contract or agreement that they believe to be unlawful.


NARMS members will not knowingly commit to any contract or agreement  that they cannot perform within
their abilities


NARMS members will clearly define the services to be provided




NARMS members will not knowingly accept compensation or gratuities for services that would be
considered inappropriate or illegal


Commitments to Employees and Service Representative


NARMS members will not discreimnate in employment practices regardless of an individual’s race, color,
sex, age, religion, national origin or disability.


NARMS members will adhere to fair employment and /or contractual practices in hiring, firing, promoting,
salary and/or compensation and benefits


NARMS members will adhere to all federal and state labor laws.


NARMS members will provide policies and procedures that are understandable and realistic

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