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Mystery Shopping…
The Actionable Way!

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”

Lord William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907)

What We Do

Consumer@Site is dedicated to providing quick, actionable and customized specialized programs geared to improving the quality of the services that our client’s provide their own customers. We do this via the execution of tailor-made Mystery Shopping and / or Customer Satisfaction programs, all designed with your specific needs in mind. We also provide specialized audit programs to check on pricing and/or inventory levels for our clients.

Our Goal

To provide our clients with the precise information needed to monitor and improve the shopping or service experiences their own customers have with their organizations.

What makes us Different

Our services are unique in the relevant experience we bring forward to this endeavor as well as our daily and actionable reporting of visits:

Daily Reports
We provide “same-day” reports of the visits made by our personnel. The reports are sent via email or can be accessed via internet, and include a full report of the visit, including scores, as well as narratives to expand on some of the questions. This will permit your organization to react “real time” to problem areas reported in the visit, instead of having to wait several weeks for the report, as is the current practice.

Our Experience

Our partners bring forward over 50 years combined experience in the marketing and research fields, including over 20 years of managing and executing mystery shopping programs and customer satisfaction studies for many companies in a wide variety of industries. This experience helps us to develop tailor-made programs for each of our clients, with the precise information they need.

 Our Services

•    Shop@Site: Our customized Mystery Shopping Programs. Whether you are in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), banking, retail, autos or wireless services, among others, we can help you improve the service levels your own customers are receiving at your locations, by providing you with the right combination of feedback on how a typical customer is treated. We do this via visits to your locations (and your competitors, if needed) using anonymous shoppers that we have thoroughly trained for the occasion.

•    Satisfaction@Site: Customer Satisfaction Programs. These programs also help monitor the service levels you are providing via the experiences of “real” customers. These efforts can be a complement to a valuable Mystery Shopping Program.

•    Audit@Site: our specialized Audit Programs. We can help you monitor issues like pricing and inventory levels at selected locations for your products as well as those of your competitors in a timely and comprehensive manner.


Industries Served


Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Casual Dining Restaurants (CDR), gasoline stations / distributors, automobile sales and service, wireless providers / retailers, general and specialized merchandise retailers, financial institutions, and many others, benefit from the specialized efforts and programs we provide.





We use a variety of methods for conducting our programs, including In-Site / In-Person, telephone and web (for e-commerce shops), among others. The decision on which to use will depend on your specific needs and business characteristics.



Our Resources

•    Personnel. We have at our disposal a field force of over 120 employees island-wide for our different projects, plus six (6) Regional Supervisors for overall coordination and supervision of the projects.

•    Recruiting. We recruit personnel according to the characteristics of each project. Our Human Resources Director is responsible for the recruiting and training of the personnel.

•    Technology. Our proprietary FieldLink technology is reliable, having been in use for over 10 years in other applications locally.


More Information


Interested? We would like to meet with you to discuss our process and services in more detail with you. But more importantly, permit us to learn about your business needs so we can show you how we can help your organization. Let us help you establish a program to monitor your service levels. Do you have such a program in place already? If so, let us show you how we can improve on the quality of the data captured and, specially, in the speed of delivery of our visit reports.





For more information on our services and a free-assessment of what we can do for your business, please contact:


Juan J. Charana


Office tel.         787-622-0870

Cellular tel.       787-444-4209

Email                jcharana@maaspr.com


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